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Our philosophy is simple. We take Authentic Moments to remember your special day. The moments and looks that you'll want to cherish forever. The ones that you'll frame in your home for years to come.

We're Rebecca and Corey


We’re anything but basic.
We limit the number of weddings we do per year, because we’re invested in YOU. When we take on a wedding, it’s not just a job to us - we want to get to know you. Engagement sessions are included with each of our wedding packages, because we love to spend time with you and get to know you as a couple. I’m basically your best friend alongside you as you plan your wedding. I’ve been dress shopping and ring shopping with my brides. I’ll always tell you what’s best for your timeline, and remind you of those last minute details you need - because that’s my job. I may be hired to photograph your day, but in doing that I want to help you make it the best possible. When the music starts and there are only 3 bridesmaids on the dance floor, Corey will jump out there and bust a move to liven up the party. He’ll drink a beer with your dad, and he’ll have a heart-to-heart with you when you’re nervous and about to pass out from the Georgia heat.
We’ll cry with you during your vows, and we’ll hug you at the end of the night.


I'm Rebecca,

I'm Corey,

I’m a wife, mother, and a lover of all things travel. It was never any kind of plan, or dream of mine to be a photographer. 

Out of high school, I went straight to Paul Mitchell Atlanta to be a cosmetologist. I didn't enjoy the city, and needed to get back to nature, so I resigned from school about halfway through.

Upon resigning, and unsure of what I wanted to do, I searched “cool, adventurous jobs” on google. That’s where I ran across a site that would change my life forever. I visited coolworks.com and applied for a job on the Dalton Highway in Alaska, 500+ miles from the nearest town. No internet, no cellphones, nothing but solitude. And that’s exactly what I needed. Expecting to never hear from anyone, I had a phone interview and was packing for Alaska before I knew it. Leaving behind my [now husband] and my dog, I headed off. Yukon River Camp is where I spent the next several months.

I met travelers form all over the world, experienced 24 hour sunlight, and discovered myself. I realized that I didn’t want to work for anyone but myself, and in exploring my newfound freedom I packed my backpack, left behind what I couldn't carry with me, and hiked north. I hitched a ride over 300 miles to get to the Arctic Ocean, and hitched back with a traveler from Sweden. It was truly the best time of my life. Henry David Thoreau once said, “I find it wholesome to be alone the greater part of the time.” And I thoroughly believe that to be true. In being alone, I found myself, and who I wanted to be.

When I became pregnant in 2013, I bought a camera so that I would be prepared to document our new life as parents. From there, I did a few "sessions" for friends, and my little hobby blossomed before me.

  In February of 2015 Corey left work to meet me for lunch, and we decided that we could do this. Like..Really Do It. He quit his job that day, and we’ve been pursuing photography together ever since!

I’m the fun-loving, charismatic husband of the one and only.. Rebecca! While I love to bust a move on the dance floor, carry your flowers, and fluff your dress..there are some things you may not know about me.

I get to spend each and every day with my best friend. Whether it’s spent working, binging on Netflix, or going on a new adventure - we’re always together. On top of being with my best friend, I’m father to the most amazing, beautiful little girl that gets all of her beauty and attitude from her mother. 🙂

I’m surrounded by love from two amazing ladies and a new handsome little guy. Rebecca constantly sets goals and reaches them beyond measure. I have always stood beside her, because I know she aspires to great things - and our daughter will do the same.

I love the outdoors. Hiking down a good ‘ol trail in Georgia, or standing under a marvelous waterfall in Iceland. While adventures are my favorite thing..most of them happen at home. At home I’m a superhero. I’m a bad guy, and the police (Thea) puts me in jail - but I always escape.. I’m a tickle monster, a foot massager, a breakfast maker.

Being a father and a husband is everything to me. And that’s what drives me to be there, right beside my best friend carrying your flowers and photographing you on your big day.



capturing the adventure - the journey - the love

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Simply Lovely

10 Hours of Coverage
2 Photographers
Personal Online Gallery
Engagement Session

10 Hours of Coverage
1 Photographers
Personal Online Gallery
Engagement Session

6 Hours of Coverage
1 Photographers
Personal Online Gallery
Engagement Session

8 Hours of Coverage
1 Photographers
Personal Online Gallery
Engagement Session

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Portrait Sessions

$299-1 Hour session
1-2 Outfit changes
 40 Photos in an online gallery
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Includes print release

$199-30-Minute session
15 Photos in an online gallery
Download your photos
Includes print release



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